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General information

You can find a general information section in the begining of the the Book of Abstracts (here), where you can find general hints of how to move around, how to connect to the internet, maps and relevant contacts.

If you need any further assistance, do not hesitate in contacting the LOC at


The IAU Symposium 306 will take place at Lisboa, Portugal.

The tutorial sessions and the conference sessions will take place at the auditorium of the Pavilhão do Conhecimento (Knowledge Pavillion in English) science museum, near the Oriente Metro Station.

The public lecture will take place at the Academia das Ciências de Lisboa.

Pavilhão do Conhecimento

The conference will take place at the Pavilhão do Conhecimento (Knowledge Pavillion in English). This science museum is conveniently located at a modern neighbourhood of the city which was constructed for the International Exhibition of 1998, and is now a pleasant leisure, commercial, and residential area of Lisbon.


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Academia das Ciências

Funded at 24 December, 1779, as the Portuguese Academia Real das Ciências (Royal Science Academy), since 1833 the Academia das Ciências is installed in an old Monastery that survived the Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755.


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Establishing itself as a nation in 1139, Portugal is one of the countries with the oldest continental borders in the World - defined in 1297 by the Treaty of Alcañices. Nevertheless, throughout its history it managed to widely spread its people, together with its culture and poetry; contributing from the sound of the japonese word "arigato", to the introduction of tea in England and the diversity of much more than a hundred million brazillians.

Practical information

How to arrive?
In Lisbon
In the Conference
Where to sleep?
Near the Pavilhão do Conhecimento
Near the old city center (Baixa & Chiado)
Where to eat?
For your lunch, there are several options around the Pavilhão do Conhecimento.
For your dinners!
Taxis in Lisbon are very cheap in comparison to other places in Europe, so don't be shy.
Conference dinner
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The book of abstracts is available here. A few hardcopies can be provided upon request.

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Currently the manuscripts for the proceedings are being collected. Keep in mind that the submission date: 30th June 2014!

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The presentations will be available online. For this, permission of the speakers is necessary and this will be worked out at a later moment.

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