When? What? Where?
25 May [10h30] Tutorial sessions Pavilhão do Conhecimento
25 May [18h00] Welcome cocktail Academia das Ciências de Lisboa
26 - 29 May Main Symposium sessions Pavilhão do Conhecimento
27 May [19h30] Public lecture Academia das Ciências de Lisboa
28 May [20h00] Social dinner Restaurante Zambeze
29 May [17h00] Closing Pavilhão do Conhecimento

Keynote Speakers

  • Cosmic Microwave Background Graca Rocha (USA / Portugal)
  • Weak Gravitational Lensing Masahiro Takada (Japan)
  • Combining probes Anais Rassat (Switzerland)
  • Statistics of fields Sabino Matarrese (Italy)
  • Large-scale structure Licia Verde (Spain)
  • Bayesian methods David van Dyk (UK)
  • 21cm cosmology Mario Santos (South Africa / Portugal)
  • Massive parameter estimation Ben Wandelt (France)
  • Overwhelmingly large datasets Alex Szalay (USA)
  • Errors and nonparametric estimation Aurore Delaigle (Australia)
  • Sparsity Jalal Fadili (France)

Invited Speakers

  • Supernovae Cosmology Mario Hamuy (Chile)
  • Anomalies Hiranya Peiris (UK)
  • Sparsity based CMB reconstruction Jérome Bobin (France)
  • Machine-learning in astronomy Mike Hobson (UK)
  • Statistical aspects of photo-z estimation Narciso Benítez (Spain)
  • Detection of B-mode polarization at degree angular scales using BICEP2
  •                 Denis Barkats (ALMA - ESO) on behalf of the BICEP2 collaboration
  • Closing remarks from a statistician Joseph Hilbe (USA)
  • Closing remarks from a cosmologist Andrew Jaffe (UK)


  • Sparsity Jérome Bobin, François Lanusse (France)
  • Bayesian Cosmology Daniel Mortlock, Andrew Jaffe (UK)
  • R for Observational Cosmology Eric Feigelson (USA)

Main Symposium Schedule

Tutorial Schedule

Public Lecture


The book of abstracts is available here. A few hardcopies can be provided upon request.

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Currently the manuscripts for the proceedings are being collected. Keep in mind that the submission date: 30th June 2014!

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The presentations will be available online. For this, permission of the speakers is necessary and this will be worked out at a later moment.

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